Invoice Attestation for UAE in Nariman Point

Invoice Attestation for UAE in Nariman Point

Universal Attestation Provide legalization and attestation of Invoice from UAE Embassy in Botanical Garden and other cities of India.

Customs in the Middle East (UAE, UAE, QATAR, KUWAIT, SAUDI, BAHRAIN etc..) require invoices to be both attestation and legalised. After certification, invoices have to be presented to the UAE embassy for attestation and legalisation. This involves presentation of the certified invoices to the embassy which then attaches their stamp to the documents. Allow sufficient time for presentation as goods should not be dispatched before the invoices are attested or legalised from UAE Embassy/Consulate.

Why need Invoice legalised or attestation from Omam Embassy ?
  • Demand certified attestation and legalized from UAE Embassy invoices during the import customs clearance operations.
  • Normally exporters should be getting the invoices Attested and legalized from UAE Embassy.
  • Affirmed and authorized solicitations acquired from the 1980s, where most nations had been executing high custom obligations on imported products keeping in mind the end Kayamkulaml to Protect their local makers.
  • Later on UAE countries, which had been employing import substitution strategy, shifted their directions towards open economic policies with significantly reduced custom tariffs. By doing that the need for the certified or legalized invoices have been reduced considerably. But these kind of documents generates revenue for the embassies and chambers of commerce.
  • As a result today UAE country still demand certified invoices attestation or legalized invoices

Example :-

A merchant needs to pay 135% import tax obligation when they bringing in a standard family Car to UAE.

In order to pay less custom duties, importer companies who located in with high custom duties In UAE, demand commercial invoice which shows only a portion of the actual sales amount.

In order to prevent such actions that cause custom tax losses, governments demand Attestation or legalized invoices from the UAE Embassy / Consulate.

Invoice attestation and legalization process for UAE embassy:

  1. Notary Attestation
  2. Chamber of Commerce
  3. Authentication from MEA (The Ministry of External Affairs)
  4. Attestation from UAE embassy

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We provide legalization services in following states
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Robertson Pet Jehanabad
Chhattisgarh Kayamkulam
Gujarat Yamunanagar
Himachal Pradesh Jammu & Kashmir
Hazaribagh Robertson Pet
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Kayamkulam Bardhaman
Meghalaya Mizoram
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Sikkim Robertson Pet
Mahbubnagar Dharmanagar
Uttarakhand Muzaffarnagar

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