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We are often asked questions about Apostille. So we decided to prepare a FAQ of what does Apostille mean ? when it is needed? who created it? what is its history? how it looks? what documents should be apostilled? and more...

1Why do you need the Apostille?
Two primary sorts of archives sanctioning are recognized Apostille Stamping and Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) confirmation. Decision of sanctioning sort in each specific case relies on upon the nation where this certificate is required.
2What is Apostilization?
Apostilization means verification of documents by any goverment authority. The goverment confirms powers, signature of apostille stamp of the official, who issued the document.

There are two methods of documentation. The main thing is "the Apostille" stamp and legalization (Eg. Birth,Degree,Marriage,PCC certificate). Stamp, set apart on records, issued by nations individuals from Hague Convention, is called "the Apostille" stamp. It permits confirming the mark and stamp on the records.
3How did apostille appear?
In 1961, The Hague Conference was held so as to make the certificates legalization procedures easier. More than 113 countries joined in this conference. Nations individuals from this conference were entitled for disentangled system of reports authorization. Approved collections of equity started to stamp an extraordinary stamp on certificates – Apostille.
4When apostille is necessary?
Apostille is connected for sending records in countries which joined Hague tradition on the October 5, 1961. Most importantly, apostille was required in situations when report from one certain nation must be spoken to in another as the composite component for any lawful procedure. It might be business, manages property, a circumstance when the sick individual has resources and property abroad. Among the archives that are regularly guaranteed by apostille are birth, demise and marriage declarations, travel permit, jobs, work visa and force of lawyer.

Apostille is legitimate in all part countries of the Hague Conference (USA, Brazil, Russia, most European countries, Argentina, and so on.). It is perceived at all levels of government authorities of any rank.
5What documents is apostille stamped on?
Apostille is stamped both on original records and notarized copies. It is extended on such documents as:
Educational Certificates (Eg. Degree, Diploma, ITI, Phd etc..)
Personal Certificates (Eg. Marriage, Birth, PCC, Divorce, Death, Experience, Medical etc..)
Commercial Certificates (Eg. Power of Attorney, Certificate of Incorporation, Invoice etc.. )
Other Documents (Eg. Leaving, Bonafide, Migration, Thesis, Distance Education etc..)

Apostille is stamped on notarized copies of the following certificates:
Criminal history clearance
Certificate of registration with a tax authority
Certificate of incorporation
Applications, agreements, letters of attorney
Other notarized copies.

Apostille of documents allows verifying the authenticity of signature on document as well as identity of stamp, which attaches a seal to a document.
6Stamping the apostille
Apostille is stamped on the place in the back side of document. Apostille has the shape of square with the colour of red with side more than 9cm and looks as follows:
Apostille Stamp

The list of member countries of Hague conference in October 5, 1961.
Albania, Greece, Oman, Andorra, Grenada, Panama, Antigua and Barbuda, Honduras, Paraguay, Argentina, Hong Kong, Peru, Armenia, Hungary, Poland, Australia, Iceland, Portugal, Austria, India, Romania, Azerbaijan, Ireland, Russia, Bahamas, Israel, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Bahrain, Italy, Saint Lucia, Barbados, Japan, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Belarus, Kosovo, Samoa, Belgium, Kazakhstan, San Marino, Belize, Kyrgyzstan, Sao Tome and Principe, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Latvia, Serbia, Botswana, Lesotho, Seychelles, Brazil, Liberia, Slovakia, Brunei, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, South Africa, Burundi, Luxembourg, South Korea, Cape Verde, Macau, Spain, Chile, Macedonia, Suriname, Colombia, Malawi, Swaziland, Cook Islands, Malta, Sweden, Costa Rica, Marshall Islands, Switzerland, Croatia, Mauritius, Tajikistan, Cyprus, Mexico, Tonga, Czech Republic, Moldova, Trinidad and Tobago, Denmark, Monaco, Turkey, Dominica, Mongolia, Ukraine, Dominican Republic, Montenegro, United Kingdom, Ecuador, Morocco, United States, El Salvador, Namibia, Uruguay, Estonia, Netherlands, Uzbekistan, Fiji, New Zealand, Vanuatu, Finland, Nicaragua, Venezuela, France, Niue, Maxico, Georgia, Norway, Germany
Marriage Certificate Apostille
Marriage Certificate Apostille
Birth Certificate Apostille
Birth Certificate Apostille
Single Status Certificate Apostille
Single Status Certificate Apostille
Degree Certificate Apostille
Degree Certificate Apostille